snd-aoa sound driver

snd-aoa is a driver for the sound on newer Apple machines. It currently covers all machines with a layout-id property in the sound node in the device tree, among others

  • PowerBook5,6
  • PowerBook5,7
  • PowerBook5,8
  • PowerBook5,9
  • PowerBook6,7
  • PowerBook6,8
  • PowerMac8,1
  • PowerMac8,2
  • PowerMac11,2
  • PowerMac9,1

However, it does not do any digital input yet.


snd-aoa was included into linux as of 2.6.18-rc1 and support for machines with a layout-id property was removed from snd-powermac, hence it no longer conflicts. The information on this page is historic.


  • git clone
  • gitweb


only the bus module i2sbus should need manual loading, all the rest should auto-load provided the modules were installed by make install. At boot, i2sbus loads automatically due to keying off the macio device, hence no modules.conf entry is needed.

snd-powermac compatibility

Of course snd-aoa is not compatible with snd-powermac, please remove snd-powermac. Don't load it at boot (i.e. remove from your modules.conf) or best even don't compile it into your kernel :)


Please see the FAQ in the source distribution:;a=blob;f=doc/FAQ


There's no own mailing list for snd-aoa, I post things related to development to linuxppc-dev, and sometimes to debian-powerpc.