After getting a Nikon Coolscan 5000ED 35mm film scanner I tried using it with the coolscan2 SANE backend. That, however, does not support the scanner although it claims the USB device for it.

Because the coolscan2 code is very crufty I decided to clean it up and in that process removed support for all other Coolscan scanners it supported. Hence, the result is the ls5000 backend. I would welcome patches to fold support for the older scanners back into the ls5000 backend so that the coolscan2 backend can be replaced completely, but I do not have any such scanners.


The code to the backend is available via git:

git clone

You can see it in gitweb.


  • libusb (development headers)
  • libsane (development headers)


  • For Debian systems, install the package libsane-extras, it includes this backend.
  • Other systems please see the README file.