dspam spamd


This is an initial version of an almost spamd-protocol compatible front-end for dspam.


I wanted to integrate dspam into exim, and this seemed the easiest because exim has a spamd client built-in.


The program is pretty trivial, it runs via (x)inetd and accepts a spamd-protocol speaking client. Then it processes the mail with the dspam command line interface and returns the mail or the report. It gives 10 * confidence as the spam-score if dspam determined the mail to be spam, otherwise 0. I reject mail with >0.85 confidence in my SMTP server, the rest goes through and is filtered into a SPAM folder (see Projects/dovecot-dspam-integration.

Please also see the README that comes in the sources.


Since I run this as a local daemon, it checks if the user is allowed to filter, to see which user is connecting it requires building with libident and having an ident daemon running. Debian-exim and root are hardcoded to allow filtering for everyone, all others need use their own username.

source code