Stuff about my new post-February 2005 powerbook.

Please also look at the FAQ.





  • Movie DVD playback works only after setting the region code, regardless of whether libdvdcss is installed or not. I had OSX set it, but regionset(1) should work fine.
  • USB 1.1 and 2.0
  • keyboard (including eject and power buttons with recent pbbuttonsd)
  • trackpad (with appletouch driver)
  • gbit ethernet (tested in gbit mode)
  • temperature / fan control
  • battery status
  • sound (turn the PCM mixer up to about 70% and use master to control everything)
  • bluetooth (usb device; see this page)
  • pcmcia (tested with a CF disk and a cardbus wireless card)
  • firewire (external HD works [reported by Sven Kissner], powermac in target-disk mode works)
  • attaching a second monitor (buggy initialisation code in linux means that with a second DVI screen on capable powerbooks you have to boot OS X and then reboot into linux for it to actually work!)
  • keyboard backlight (needs i2c-dev kernel support)
  • acceleration sensors (with ams driver)
  • suspend to ram (even with echo mem > /sys/power/state after my latest powerpc-suspend-N patchset)
  • wireless (BCM4306; http://bcm43xx.berlios.de/)
  • suspend to disk (but not when DRI with AGP is enabled in X, note that DRI with PCI freezes the system sometimes when scrolling)
  • 3d hardware acceleration (I've played neverball with the acceleration sensor for input, great!)

not working

  • modem (Motorola SM56 i2s softmodem)
  • TV out